Why Uruguay? The Pros and Cons


  • Ranked #1 Safe Haven in the World ***
  • LOW crime rates*
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • 100% immune from world war
  • Relatively Peaceful
    Fairly stable government
  • 2nd World – NOT 3rd World
  • People are fairly friendly
  • Cost of living about half of the US
  • Immigration not real difficult
  • Considered a FINANCIAL safe haven (like Switzerland)
  • Not an overbearing, hardcore, law demanding government


  • Not spectacular country
  • Small size
  • Close to ocean
  • No real mountains
  • Nice areas not real cheap
  • 2nd World, NOT 1st World  (see pros)
  • Few expats inland (where it is safe)
  • Little diversity in topography
  • Distance from the US
  • 1st Class airfare from the US - $3,000 - $5,000
  • Flight time from the US – 10-15 hours

*** Means this country is the best in this category of the Top 7 Safe Havens
*     Means this country is worth noting in this category, a big plus

Uruguay is not for everyone.

Here is why you would absolutely NOT choose Uruguay:

  • Too far from the United States (Choose Costa Rica instead.)
  • You HAVE TO HAVE beauty, spectacular scenery (Choose ANY of the other six TOP 7 Safe Havens instead.)
  • You have to be in the mountains, away from the ocean, tsunamis, rising seas, heavy population centers… (Choose ANY of the other six Top 7 Safe Havens instead.)
  • You HAVE TO HAVE modern first world amenities (choose Costa Rica, Argentina, or New Zealand instead.)
  • You want to live in a low crime country.

Here is why you absolutely WOULD choose Uruguay:

  • You personally went there, compared it to at least two other Top 7 Safe Havens, and liked it best for various personal reasons.
  • You smoke pot and have to live somewhere where it is legal.
  • The list of PROS above are your cup-of-tea. They rock your boat.
  • Your thought of the BEST Safe Haven is one that rates high (but not #1) in nearly every survival category, making it a virtual #1, even though it does not rank best in any specific category nor can be defined in superlatives in any one category. NOTE: This truly defines Uruguay. Great all around but nothing exciting.