Blake’s Personal Insights of Uruguay

Uruguay is the #1 Safe Haven in the world, out of 200 countries. Wow! You would think that means everyone should move there. But in reality, the Top 7 Safe Havens are all within 46 points of each other, meaning it is a statistical dead-heat for what country is really the best safe haven. THEREFORE, personal CHOICE comes into play when determining WHICH safe haven is best for YOU.

I like Uruguay. But to me, there is really nothing outstanding about the country. Nothing that makes me super excited or makes my jaw drop in astonishment. A safe haven it is. And it does have lots of pros and few cons.

Someone close to me once said, “The reason you don’t personally like Uruguay is because it doesn’t have mountains.” I thought about that for a while and will admit there is some truth to it. I have SERIOUSLY thought through surviving The Collapse. That is what I do for a living. And I seriously research all the things that would help you get through The Collapse with the least amount of difficulties. Living in a mountainous area seems like it would have many advantages. (History proves this as well.)

Maybe my world travels have influenced this decision. Maybe my love for mountains and what they have to offer influences this as well. Also, I readily admit that I am influenced by the fact that Jesus said that is where you should go to survive. Mountains. Not little hills. Mountains.

Does that mean that Uruguay is somehow going to be wiped off the map by a huge tsunami? No, not really. There are a few hills that reach 1,500 feet in elevation. But 95% of the country is lower than 500 feet in elevation.

I have predicted that only 2% to 8% of the Uruguayan population will die during The Collapse. (Compare that with a 95% to 99% death rate in the USA!) Uruguay is certainly one of the best places to be during The Collapse. For me, I want to live somewhere that is safe now AND during The Collapse that is desirable for my needs and likes.

And that, my dear friends, is exactly the choice that you should make as well. You just may LOVE Uruguay, as many people do. It is a PERSONAL CHOICE!