MUST be in Divine Health.


Here’s how!


(Be sure and read the entire page, especially the final paragraph!)

It should be quite obvious to anyone who has a basic understanding of what the Tribulation Period entails, that billions will die, untold millions of “Christians” will fall away from the faith due to the hardships, and only the strongest, mentally and physically, will be able to ‘endure to the end’, in “order to be saved”.

Not only do we know where the few safe havens in the world are for you to live, survive, and thrive in the Tribulation Period, but we also know the simplest, easiest, most cost effective way for you to dramatically change your physical body and mind from weak to strong and from diseased to healthy – so that you MAY live, survive, and thrive in the Tribulation Period.

Not only will you be able to make intelligent, quick life-and- death decisions, but your mind will be more resilient against the Luciferian mind control techniques that they are currently using to enslave the masses.

Not only will you be able to have endurance, physical strength, and stamina, but you will also be able to physically do things that you have not been able to do before, giving you a much greater chance at surviving and thriving.


We have thousands of positive, life-changing, dramatic testimonies (this is true and not a hyperbolic statement). Amazingly, MOST of these testimonies are from people who had life- threatening illnesses or ‘incurable diseases’. We have also helped thousands of athletes become world famous, Gold-medal Olympians, MVP of a Super Bowl, several top golfers in the world, college athletes in every sport imaginable, and too many to list here (but are listed on our health website.)

The key to rapidly changing your health is understanding exactly HOW God designed the human body and HOW it functions. You would think this information would be common knowledge. But it is NOT. VERY few people in the world know the truth about how the body really works and what you can do to bring it to an ideal healthy state, as well as maintain it in that state. God’s Word has the answers. The key to living according to The Creator is to recognize that He IS The Creator of the human body, designed it to be a blessing, and NOT a curse, and that we CAN do the things that will bring it to, and maintain it in, that State that He designed it to BE IN.

There are thousands of ‘things’ you can do to improve your health. But all you really need to do is 3 or 4 things that are SUPER POWERFUL and very LIFE CHANGING. They alone are MUCH better at bringing your body and mind back to the way God originally designed the human body to be in (to be a blessing) than hundreds of ‘things’ most people are doing, and failing, to move towards a healthier body and mind.

Those SUPER POWERFUL life-changing things are:

1) Drink Ionized Alkaline Water. (NO other water can accomplish the miraculous changes. Not even close. BEWARE of the huge amount of disinformation on this subject!)

2) Take Royal Velvet PURE. (The most life-changing, age-reversing, body repairing, mind improving, nutrient-dense food, in the world. PERIOD.)

3) Take Royal Chlorella. (A 24-7 detox for your entire body, that also aids digestion, improves nutrient absorption, probiotics, and life/energy to your body.)

The Truth: Simply doing these 3 things are MUCH MORE powerful and dramatic at bringing your body and mind to the original state that God designed the human body to be in (a blessing), than ANY 100 other ‘healthy things’ that you can do.

Where do you find these products? The information on them?

By clicking here. Which takes you to our health website. The only information on the Internet that accurately describes HOW God designed the human body (to be a blessing) and WHAT you can do to bring it BACK to that state, rapidly, (quicker than ANY other way.)

Remember, if you think you are going to survive The Tribulation Period being overweight (let alone obese), with disease (diabetes, cardiovascular issues, respiratory problems, mental health issues, etc), or simply with a weak, lethargic, physical body that is NOT in tip-top condition, you are deceiving yourself.

The Tribulation Period will be chock-full of extremely difficult and dangerous events that you will need to survive. One bite from a mosquito, the physical demands to survive, the mental stress, not always eating enough or correctly, and on and on and on… Can you see the picture? Can you see WHY YOU NEED TO ELEVATE and improve, your health and strength? We are trying to prepare the Body of Christ for the ultimate test. The Tribulation Period. To overcome. To survive. To thrive. To be a blessing to others. (Instead of falling away, failing, dying, or being a burden to others.)

NOTE: If you do ONLY ONE THING to start in the right direction towards gaining optimal mental and physical health, take Royal Velvet PURE. It is the most life-changing product in the world. It will provide your brain with all the nutrients it needs to replenish all your neurotransmitters that you use up in the course of a day. It will help your brain become MOTIVATED to do the right things.

It is like taking the ‘red pill’, freeing you from the mind-control that nearly ALL Americans are under from the Luciferian globalists. It will help you to: think clearly, be motivated, be in control of your own emotions and thoughts, increase your intelligence, help you in handling stress, improve your sleep, creating a sense of wellness and joy, and more.

You DESPERATELY NEED to have proper and optimal brain function to help make all the life and death decisions today and in the near future. Royal Velvet PURE will also physically give you strength, stamina, endurance, repairing damaged organs and tissues, actually reversing the aging process, and more.

To get started on the road to Biblical Health, there is NO better place to go than here.

NOTE: According to Matthew 25:31-46, those people in the Tribulation Period who help the sick are rewarded with being allowed INTO the Kingdom of God. What if THE ULTIMATE WAY (in God’s eyes) to helping people who are ‘sick’ – is to learn the truth - that they can be well, healed, and stay healthy? Not having to be under the control of the worldly allopathic system of costly, dangerous, and painful drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation? It is THE TRUTH that sets them free from a life of pain, suffering, disease, and premature death. It is THE TRUTH that God promotes and honors. It is something to think seriously about. You NOW have the opportunity to learn HOW God designed the human body and the things you do to KEEP it in that state of health, and healing, and vitality, and strength, and a blessing. Then you can SHARE these truths with others. And fulfill the commandment of helping the sick.