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Though the movie trilogy "The Matrix" may have been fiction, there is nothing fictitious about the globalists’ use of mind control over the masses (population), especially in the United States.

You’re intelligent. You know that they are using hundreds of mind control techniques on the American population. You know that they are 'dumbing down' the masses. You know that they are 'weakening' the people; physically, mentally, financially, socially, and EVERY way possible. These are Luciferian Darwinians. Survival of the fittest. The ‘weak’ deserve to die. They are in 'control'. The ‘useless’ bottom feeders must go.

Who are the weak? How have they been weakened? Do the tens of millions know that they are under mind control? Or do they think 'everyone' else is under mind control and they are not?

What are the 'symptoms' of being under mind control?

Simply, if you are in ANY weakened state, you ARE under mind control.

Are you in debt? Then you ARE under mind control. Weakening you financially is one of the main ways they enslave you. (The Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender.) Millions of Americans have worked for decades and have absolutely NOTHING to show for their hard work. If they sold EVERYTHING they own: home, car, furniture, clothes… they would STILL be in debt.

This is MIND CONTROL. It ENSLAVES you. They OWN you. Debtor’s prisons are just around the corner.

Are you unhealthy, sick, diseased, take prescriptions or go to doctors? Then you ARE under mind control. The allopathic system is a system of drugs, disease, debt, and death. The LEADING cause of death for EVERY American is the allopathic system. The leading cause of debt, bankruptcy, and financial ruin is the allopathic system. The leading cause of disease is the allopathic system (NOTE: It is a FACT that ALL drugs cause disease. Antibiotic resistant critters are only found in hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, nursing homes, and medical facilities. Etc.)

Are you depressed, suicidal, have mental disorders, sleep problems, anxiety, can’t handle stress, have anger problems, memory loss, muddled thinking…? Then you ARE under mind control. Those few, very few, that are content, at peace, happy, have self-control, sleep well, kind, compassionate, and unselfish are most likely not under mind control.

There are so MANY MORE examples we could give. Nearly all Americans are under various forms of mind control. All the hundreds of mind control techniques are used to weaken you. Physically. Spiritually. Mentally. Financially. Socially. Why? To make you controllable.

What is the SOLUTION?

Glad you asked.

It is a product we developed to aid our customers to be FREE from the MIND CONTROL, as well as do hundreds of OTHER beneficial things inside your body and brain.

It is called Royal Velvet PURE. Simply spray 3 sprays under your tongue 4 times per day (as directed), and your brain will be rewired, improved, elevated, and back under your control in a short period of time. Your body will be strengthened. Your cells will function better. Your hormones will begin to balance. Your damaged tissues and organs will start to be repaired. Royal Velvet PURE actually REVERSES the aging process. It supplies your brain with all the building materials needed to replenish your neurotransmitters. It completely revitalizes your brain.

How do we know? Thousands of testimonies. Documented research. Personal experience. The volume of re-orders. People sharing their transformation with their loved ones. Facts. Pure and simple FACTS.

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NOTE: The greatest form of mind control is to have the person thinking they are free (from mind control) when in all reality they ARE a slave to the mind controllers!

Are you in ANY weakened condition? Physically, financially, mentally, socially, spiritually?

What if one of the major mind control techniques is to get you to REJECT truth, poo-poo the reality of mind control, and the SOLUTIONS to protect yourself from mind control or for those already under mind control, to take the ‘red pill’, escaping their clutches on your mind?

And what if the more times you reject the solution, the opportunity to be free from their mind control, it makes it extremely difficult to ever escape their mind control?

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