Based upon facts, stats and data.

The globalists’ target of a 90% world population (currently 7.5 billion) REDUCTION means 6.7 BILLION will die. Maybe 800 million or so will survive.

Using statistics, data, investigative journalism, we discover that there are a few (4, 5, maybe 6 or so) places in the world that will be nearly immune from these MAIN causes of death. Instead of a 90% death toll, these safe havens will suffer a population reduction of ONLY 4% or 5% for the best one or two and maybe up to 10% to 12% for the other two or three top safe havens.

Would you rather live in the USA with a 99.9% death toll, which means a certain death to you and your family, or a country with a 90% death rate, still horrible chances to survive, or one that will suffer only a 4% or 5% death rate, meaning you WILL live? Think about it? What makes these safe havens so safe? When the rest of the world will suffer huge losses?

That is what this website documents, proves, and reveals. All this is based upon facts, stats, data, and all the world’s literature on the subject.

So IMAGINE, a few places on earth, that NOW and will in the future

  • There is now, and will be in the future, virtually be no starvation. Every kind of food is plentiful and available. Obviously, there are some safe havens that are better than others in this regard.
  • Nuclear war, WWIII, and Armageddon will not affect life in these very secure locations. Neither will the depleted uranium that has been released in the “wars” of Kosovo and Iraq in the amount equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs – currently circling the globe. Or the radiation from Fukushima, that has already killed billions of life forms.
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, effects of global climate change, deadly heat, blizzards, avalanches, coastal flooding, deadly extreme cold, hail storms, tsunamis, as well as nearly every other “natural disaster” are rare, small in number, or virtually non-existent
  • Disease epidemics are rare, minor, or unheard of. Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, tuberculosis (including XDR tuberculosis), Schistosomiasis, the Plague, River Blindness, Cholera, amebiasis, etc. which kill millions and affect tens of millions annually. These safe havens are NOT 3rd World, where most infectious diseases exist (they are either 1st world or 2nd world countries, except for one). Most are NOT in the tropics (where vectors such as mosquitoes thrive and the only place where tropical diseases exist. The one safe haven that IS in the tropics, has one of the most healthy lifestyles and cultures in the world, making the citizenry nearly immune from these diseases). They also have adequate hygiene, running water, and sewer/waste water systems. They have highly educated people. And some have the healthiest populations in the world, most of them with much higher life expectancy than the US.
  • The New World Order globalist’s Orwellian system, with its life-changing bio-metric ID system (Christians call it the "Mark of the Beast"). Controlling monetary/employment/tracking network that will be very difficult to implement in most of these safe havens. Whereas in the United States, Europe, Australia and most of the rest of the civilized world, the system is already being incrementally put into practice.
  • The "locals" are considered some of the friendliest and most libertarian in the world. Meaning, no matter whom you are or what you believe (left or right, black or white, rich or poor, Christian or non-christian, conservative or liberal, Catholic or Protestant …) – you will not be discriminated against, ratted out, turned in, persecuted, or isolated. The philosophy of "You do your thing and I will do mine" or “I won’t mess with you and you don’t mess with me” is the exact opposite of the “turn in your neighbor” for any infraction or “violation” mindset that currently plagues the United States and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
  • These safe haven countries are beautiful. They have plenty of food, water, and resources. Most are “cheap” compared to the United States (but that is about to change real soon with the collapse of the US dollar). They have ideal climate. Are very civilized, not backward. Have more religious freedom than most places on earth.


This website rates ALL 200 countries in the world in 100 survival categories.

We then rank the countries in the world from #1 to #200. Due to changing political structure, financial issues, and other things, the countries do move up and down slightly every year. But what has stayed the same, for a very long time, is the TOP several SAFE HAVENS are STILL at the TOP. The first 3 or 4 countries are all about equal in their ratings. However, via PERSONAL experience, and the sheer volume of expats (who are EXTREMELY content and make it the best expat experience in the world), there is ONE country that we think stands out, slightly above the rest. However, we have many subscribers that move to any of the top 5 or 6 SAFE HAVENS and report back to us their happiness, contentment, and satisfaction with their choice.

The sheer volume of information we provide about the top safe havens is certainly enough for you to make an intelligent decision on which safe haven would be best for you and your family.