Memberships are limited

After you have subscribed to this website, and read all the information, you may have the opportunity to join Mr. Sawyer’s private membership of like- minded people who are serious about obeying God, leaving the USA, and joining with others in one of the top safe havens.

This is called ESCAPE INSIDER, and is a Private Membership (not a subscription like escapetheusanow.com). The number of Memberships are extremely limited, for various reasons, but mostly due to the fact that Mr. Sawyer responds to every email from every Member (according to the ‘rules’ of Membership.)

Mr. Sawyer likens it to “match.com”, connecting like-minded people who are serious about expatriating out of the USA, but don’t want to go it alone, and prefer to join with like-minded people. Forums are available for people to connect. Mr. Sawyer connects people personally via email exchanges, using the network of his knowledge of the Members. And people can connect in the Conference Calls, as well as other venues.

You may read about ESCAPE INSIDER, what it includes, the benefits, and the cost here:

Escape Insider