Why New Zealand? The Pros and Cons


  • Ranked #6 Safe Haven in the World
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • Immune from world war
  • Relatively Peaceful
  • Very stable government
  • Long life expectancy (longer than the US)***
  • 1st World***
  • People are relatively friendly
  • Educated populace – high literacy rates (higher than the US)***
  • Spectacular country – jaw-dropping scenery
  • English speaking***
  • Freedom (personal freedoms best in the world)***


  • Very Expensive
  • Government in conjunction with the New World Order
  • Immigration difficult
  • Cool in 90% of the country (no place has hot summers)
  • Two islands -  susceptible to tsunamis, rising seas
  • Earthquakes – Volcanoes
  • Distance from the US – costly and time consuming
  • 1st Class airfare from the US - $12,000 to $18,000
  • Flight time from the US – 20-25 hours

*** Means this country is the best in this category of the Top 7 Safe Havens
*     Means this country is worth noting in this category, a big plus

Here is why you would absolutely NOT choose New Zealand:

  • You have to be close to the United States. The distance, the cost, and the time to get there are extreme.
  • You are concerned about New Zealand’s political leanings toward the New World Order.
  • You are concerned about how difficult it is to immigrate to New Zealand, and whether or not your family and friends would be able to join you.
  • You can’t afford it.
  • You HAVE TO HAVE warmth. You love hot weather (at least in the summer.)

Here is why you absolutely WOULD choose New Zealand:

  • You HAVE TO HAVE 1st World. They are the MOST 1st World country in our Top 7.
  • You HAVE TO HAVE an English speaking country. (New Zealand is the ONLY all-English speaking country in our Top 7, with Costa Rica in second place for most English speaking.)
  • The pros listed above rock your boat.
  • Racial tensions concerns you. You want to live in a near-all white society.
  • You personally went there, compared it to at least two other Top 7 Safe Havens, and liked it best for various personal reasons.