Blake’s Personal Insights of New Zealand


New Zealand is one of my favorite countries in the world. It is very 1st World. It is very CLEAN. It is beautiful, diverse, and sophisticated – in a laid back sort of way (I.E.: people do NOT ‘dress up’ in New Zealand – they dress ‘down’.)

New Zealand has lots of positive things about it. My fear is that some people have a tremendous fear of learning a second language, and will determine that New Zealand is the only country on their radar screen for expatriation. This would be a mistake in my opinion. (For example: Many expats say they have no problem communicating in Costa Rica despite the fact that the official language is Spanish.)

There is lots to love about New Zealand. But for survival sake, I have to point out the caveats.

New Zealand is hook, line, and sinker involved with the New World Order. This is a major concern. The globalists pretty much have control of this wonderful two-island nation in the South Pacific.

Traveling to and from New Zealand from the US is VERY expensive. And very time consuming. The traveling could wear you out.

The immigration policies are tough. Not impossible, but tough. You need to be smart, well off (have money), been a good businessman (person) with excellent job skills (in the same industry for a long time), speak perfect English, and young or middle-aged (retirees are not on the top of their list for letting into their country.)

I mentioned the cool weather. That is MY personal preference. But if you hate hot weather, and like things cool, then New Zealand is ideal.

I love New Zealand for so many reasons. Most people who go there fall in love with it as well. BEFORE you choose New Zealand, I advise you to at least look at one other country to compare –either Costa Rica or Argentina – would be the best comparisons.