What you will discover on this site is eye-opening information that will give you keen insight on where to survive. Survive what some may ask?

It makes no difference whether you believe in all or just some of the following disasters; they all have the potential to dramatically change your life or even end you and your loved ones' lives prematurely.

World War

Economic collapse

Cyber attack 


Global climate change

Nuclear Meltdown

The Mark of the Beast

A worldwide dictatorship

Global famine


The Pandemic (H1N1 or avian flu or ?)

Race wars

Dollar Collapse


Disease epidemics

A "Bigger" Chernobyl

Or another Fukushima

The New World Order

Natural disasters

A CME that destroys the electrical grid

Martial law

Persecution of religious beliefs


Civil war

The Luciferian Plan to kill all Christians

EMP attack

Persecution of lifestyles

1984 styled surveillance

9-11 type attacks

The Biblically prophesized "end times" (as well as nearly all other religions of the world's prophetic end-of-the-world scenarios)


Concentration camps

Energy grid collapse

Debtors prisons

(The End Of The World As We Know It)

Religious wars

Hitler-like fascist take-over of the US

Stalin-like communist take-over of the US

The "alien" invasion


Being "turned-in" by your neighbors

The planned extermination of 90% of the world's population by the ruling elite

Ruthless governments

...and a plethora of other life-ending events and scenarios.

We have rated every nation on earth in 100 survival categories based on statistics, facts, and personal investigation. This project has consumed over 30 years of research, over a couple hundred thousand miles of travel, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense. All of this life-saving information has been condensed into a very informative, thought-provoking, easily readable format that you simply access from this website.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, single or a family, liberal or conservative, or none of the above. It really does not matter what your religious beliefs are or aren't. These reports are a wealth of information that can be used by anyone who wants to survive the next 2 to 12 years on planet earth.

You are not alone in your search to leave the US. Millions have already left the country in just the past few years. Tens of thousands of the intellectual elite have packed their bags and have gone elsewhere. Tens of thousands of multi-millionaires have found new homes outside the US. Untold record numbers of US citizens have gone so far as to renounce their US citizenship. The tsunami of people vacating the United States is overwhelming many countries' immigration offices. The stampede out of the US is being ignored for the most part by the US media.

However, consider a poll conducted by Zogby International which asked adult Americans if they were considering moving outside the United States. The survey, which had more than 115,000 respondents, excluded anyone relocating offshore for less than two years and anyone who relocated because of government requirements, the military or their jobs. This is significant for many reasons. Most polls or surveys usually only have one to two thousand respondents. 115,000 is a huge number to accurately discover the mindset of what is really going on in America. Eliminating all those that are being relocated overseas because of government work, the military, or because their job was sending them overseas; as well as anyone thinking of only doing this for a couple years or less, really narrowed the field down. Yet the findings are earth shattering:
• 1.6 million U.S. households have already decided to move offshore and are headed in that direction.
• Another 1.8 million households are seriously considering moving and are likely to do it. Many have taken the preliminary steps.

• 7.7 million households are "somewhat seriously" considering moving and "may" do it.
• Nearly 3 million households are seriously considering buying a vacation home or other property outside the United States. Another 10 million are "somewhat" seriously considering it.

And keep in mind this Zogby survey was done BEFORE the current economic collapse and the horror story that many US households are currently experiencing.  

The Zogby results are shocking - especially when taking into consideration the sheer number of people really wanting to leave the US. The numbers in the survey were for households, not individuals. What this means is that there are not just 1.6 million people that have already decided to leave the United States, but that there are 1.6 million households leaving. Government statistics state that there are 2.7 people per household in the US. That is over 4 million Americans that have already decided to leave the US and are implementing a plan to leave. Another 5 million are seriously considering leaving the US. And amazingly, 20 million Americans are "somewhat considering" moving out of the States.

This means that almost 10% of U.S. households are considering exiting the country. They represent hundreds of billions of dollars leaving the U.S. economy each year. What do these ten percent know that the other ninety percent do not know? (Could it be they have information on how to escape and where to go? Information that you currently do NOT have, but is within your grasp?)

A mass exodus has happened many times before. Perhaps most notably throughout Europe prior to and during World War II. Most people that fled, before it was too late, survived and went on to lead "normal" lives. Many of those who stayed behind, and/or were too late in their efforts to flee, died (were executed, starved to death, or killed in the war.) For example, Poland lost over 15% of its population. More people died of starvation than died in concentration camps. Over 75,000,000 people died in WWII.

Many of the people who did escape the advancing Nazi army had information on how to flee and where to flee. Many who stayed behind hesitated because they did not know where to go or how to get to a safe haven.