I am excited about posting articles and other information here, possibly a few times a week (more or less). The purpose is to share with you some vital and relevant information that I come across as I spend time researching daily.

However, I want everyone to understand that there are VERY FEW articles, websites, blogs, or news sites that are 100% accurate (or they may also have some sort of agenda that I do not totally agree with - like trying to sell you some survival supplies or land at THEIR safe haven, or push their 'religion' or religious beliefs, or maybe they are gate keepers for a particular agenda.) I have also thought about posting articles periodically that are TOTAL disinformation to show you how they use deception and mind control to deceive you. If I do post something that is deceptive, I will ALWAYS state that at the BEGINNING of the post - so PLEASE pay attention to my comments - do NOT simply read the articles, skipping over my comments.

Feel free to give me any feedback. 


Blake Sawyer

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October 3, 2016

I RARELY post 'news' articles, one after the other, on Relevant News, but thought that is what I should do today. So here goes:

Did you know that Russia is holding MASSIVE evacuation drills for 40 MILLION people to prepare for NUCLEAR WAR? I have told you that EVERY day, the MAIN conversation amongst 100 MILLION + people on this planet is WORLD WAR 3. Sadly, it is the main topic of conversation with 0% of the citizens of the USA. Sadly, because 99% of them are going to die in WWIII.

With what is going on in Syria (see below, in today's post), the likelyhood of World War 3 happening soon is becoming a greater possibility. The actions of the USA is TOTAL INSANITY. It is worse than poking a stick into a hornet's nest. This is suicidal. But of course, this is EXACTLY what I have predicted would be the MO of those in charge of the US because that is EXACTLY what the globalist (as well as the Bible) says WILL HAPPEN.


I have told you about the volcanic mountains in the Canary Islands that one day will cause a massive tsunami to hit the east coast of the USA. The tsunami could be as high as 100 to 200 feet when it hits the coast. What would cause this massive tsunami. Either an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption that would cause the side of a HUGE, INCREDIBLY STEEP, volcano to slide off into the sea. (The second link below reports, that as of today, the CURRENT earthquakes happening and forecasted possible volcanic eruption is a very REAL possibility.) You can watch the youtube video of this in the first link below. And read about it in the other links.

Here is the information from a survival guide. There are varying opinions on JUST HOW TALL the tsunami could be, but after the Banda Aceh 2004 Christmas quake and tsunami that killed a quarter of a million people, I think it is reasonable that many more COULD die if this happens. Though 300 feet high is higher than most experts believe it will be. (There has NEVER been one that high in human history. Though some say the asteroid that hit the Yucatan a bagillion years ago created a humongous tsunami.)

NOTE: I personally believe there is ONLY a SLIGHT chance of this happening. But if it does, people living on the east coast would only have 7 to 8 hours to flee inland.


Both sides of the Syrian conflict, Sunnis and Shias, believe that the LAST GREAT FINAL BATTLE (the end of the world) is near. Whether you believe in the Muslim prophecies or not, it does not make any difference, THEY BELIEVE in them, and are willing to fight to the death by the tens of millions in order to join the Imam Mahdi army to fight in the final great battle at Dabiq. The following two articles are MUST reads!!!


I could send you a ton of articles about Americans, just like you and me, being beat up, robbed, tortured, and killed EVERY day in the USA, either 'safely' in their own homes, walking down the street, in a shopping center, or a big box store parking lot. Pain, suffering, and death is overwhelming way too many good people in the US of A. I don't want you to be the next victim.

And this, my dear members, is the reason why getting to a safe haven sooner rather than later is a GOOD thing. 


September 27, 2016

One of the number one questions I get from ESCAPE INSIDER Members is: How do I make a living in my expat country?

That is ALWAYS YOUR responsibility, ceratinly NOT mine. ESCAPE INSIDER's purpose is to help you with choosing a safe haven. I can't provide you with money to get there, a job when you get there, or anything like that. However, I CAN, and periodically do, give you 'pointers' and insights. 

Here my beloved Members, is a good article from Entrepreneur Magazine to read and reread. Do your due diligence. It IS doable. 


September 26, 2016

Members: I have been watching the Luciferian globalists' reaction to the world's supposed 'swing' toward nationalism versus globalism. There have been a plethora of articles written on this subject, even one from the New York Times today. I KNOW the globalists. I KNOW their agenda. I KNOW that they have things under 'control'. I KNOW they use the Hegelian Dialectic to their advantage and plan. I KNOW that they are NOT running 'scared', as some pundits claim. I KNOW that they will use World War III as their 'solution' to bring about world government. As I have so often told you: After World War I, ("the war to end ALL wars"), we got the League of Nations to insure world peace. Within a generation, we had World War II, and we got the United Nations ("they will beat their swords into plowshares" says the monument in front of the UN building in New York City). And after World War III, with 2 to 3 BILLION dead and the planet (Northern Hemisphere) in near total chaos, destruction, and radioactive, we WILL have their 'beloved' global government.