#1 Question: Wouldn’t I be just as safe here in the United States as a well-prepared prepper?

Answer: All US preppers will eventually die, some sooner than others. The USA has been targeted for TOTAL annihilation. The death toll will be along the lines of 99%+. (See the movie “The Road” with Robert Duvall for a good portrayal of what the USA will be like.) Sadly, what preppers are hoping for and expecting to happen will be the exact opposite. They expect to live, but will die. Also, the masses of starving, marauding gangs will not be able to be stopped, no matter how many weapons or rounds of ammunition they have. Murdering untold thousands of people scouring the countryside for food will only give rise to their whereabouts. World War 3 will be thermonuclear, wiping out the USA and turning it into a lifeless wasteland.

#2 Question: Why are there only a few safe havens out of 200 countries? What gives?

Answer: Looking at ALL the ways people will die in The Collapse, The Tribulation, The Cleansing, dramatically narrows the countries that qualify for a safe haven. While one country may be totally immune from the effects of World War 3, their government may be ruthless, or already aligned with the globalist, or the locals may not be friendly, helpful, or like American expats. Understand? Once all the parameters are factored in, the safe haven countries are whittled down to just a handful (4 to 6 really SAFE Havens).

#3 Question: Can I stay in the USA until the ‘last minute’?

Answer: It seems everyone wants to stay in the United States until it is absolutely necessary to leave. That is a dangerous way of thinking. If you are one minute too late you will suffer and die (as will your family.) This website does give you many insights, but does NOT predict the future.

Mr. Sawyer’s private Membership Service (ESCAPE INSIDER) provides this information. Many people want to keep their businesses running and making money in the US until they need to bolt to their safe haven. This way they can provide in a greater way for their family and enhance their safe haven. Only ESCAPE INSIDER provides the Member with a Code System and Inside Information about timing.

#4 Question: I’m a Christian and I thought there was no place safe during the Tribulation Period. What gives?

Answer: We answer this and many other questions on our “Christian” FAQ page. Click on the “Christian” tab at the top of this page then scroll down to the FAQ box and click on the FAQ icon. Your answer is there.

#5 Question: Will I be able to bring my pets to my safe haven?

Answer: After you have chosen which country is best for you from the voluminous amount of information we provide on this website, then you should go to the Immigration and Information section, and start looking for answers to ALL of your immigration questions, including the rules about bringing pets. Also, many blogs are available to you from American and Canadian expats who have immigrated to a particular country, and their keen insights will help you greatly. Therefore, there is a plethora of ways to gain accurate and helpful information about immigration to your safe haven.