Escape Insider Private Email

Exclusive to ESCAPE INSIDER members is the ability to send an email and KNOW that it has been read and will be responded to.

Due to the fact that Mr. Sawyer’s audience had grown so large, and the volume of emails and questions that poured in on a daily basis overwhelmed the ESCAPE staff, responses to these emails either ceased or were extremely limited.

Starting in the fall of 2014, ESCAPE staff no longer responded to most emails that were being sent to us from Mr. Sawyer’s Escape The USA Now website, his ESCAPE! Radio show, his We Are The Truth Seekers radio show, and miscellaneous emails from expats. Those that were responded to received ‘cut-and-paste’ preform responses.

Should you want to contact us for any reason, you may do so at the PRIVATE EMAIL webpage on the ESCAPE INSIDER website. Emails received from this site will be read and responded to first. Only members have access to this site.

Obviously, technical and website questions will be responded to by the IT Manager. Personal questions will be read and responded to by Mr. Sawyer or he may have his staff respond to them at his discretion.

NOTE: ANYONE who asks a question in which the answer appears on the website will be directed back to the website. You may therefore receive a ‘cut-and-paste’ response.

ALSO NOTE: No one will be allowed to take advantage of this ESCAPE INSIDER benefit. Daily or even possibly weekly emails (depending on length and number of questions) will be highly scrutinized.

Founder of Overseas Radio Network David Gregerson, one of the staff members of ESCAPE INSIDER, will be responding to some of your emails. He will be in charge of the Forums, the moderator for the ESCAPE INSIDER Conference Calls, and the Black Book list of Vetted Advisors.

Should multiple emails come in asking the same or similar question, David may opt to add that question to the next conference call or schedule an additional ESCAPE INSIDER Conference Call (in which you will receive an ALERT notifying you of the new/additional scheduled Conference Call).

Additionally, David may suggest that Blake sends an INSIDER ALERT to address this question. You will then receive an email stating that your question will be addressed in an upcoming INSIDER ALERT.

PLEASE be patient with us (the staff) as we do our very best to address the volume of emails and questions that we receive daily.