We will be connecting expats to communities of like-minded individuals through this webpage. Once, more ESCAPE INSIDER members expatriate to our top 7 safe havens, there will be a greater number of expat communities for you to choose from.

As of now, this venue will be ‘on hold’ until communities are developed.

NOTE: Mr. Sawyer started a community of ESCAPE listeners in Argentina. This community, though in its infancy, is open to new expats. You may use the Forums to contact current members.

Mr. Sawyer will be starting another community in Costa Rica in the near future, also connecting with others who have already been in Costa Rica for years or even decades.

Also, expat communities that have already been established will be added to this list. However, many are senior citizen retirees or people escaping ‘problems’ back in the States. Their reasons for expatriation may not parallel yours.