When you sign up for your ESCAPE INSIDER membership you choose to receive INSIDER ALERTS either through text alerts, email alerts, both or neither.

The INSIDER ALERTS are sent when Mr. Sawyer feels it is necessary to address an important issue. This could be anything from a current event to some inside information he received that will help you in a plethora of ways.

For example: When the Ebola ‘event’ was looming on the horizon, and INSIDER ALERT was generated. Is this something to be concerned about? Yes. Why? The government COULD turn this into a beta test on quarantine and martial law. What are the chances this will become a full-blown pandemic? Less than 10%. What precautions should you take?  No need to freak out. No need to not go to public events. No need to worry. Note: IF this looks like it will turn ugly, you will receive another INSIDER ALERT with updated information.

Another example: Russian bombers are testing US airspace. The Chinese just joined Russia in these forays into finding out just how the US military responds to aggressive behavior. These are the BEGINNING stages of war. Does this mean the US will be nuked off the map tomorrow? No! Absolutely NOT! But it worth mentioning, and noting. As well as keeping our eyes on these types of events that rarely make the newspapers or the 10 o’clock news.

Sometimes Mr. Sawyer will include a link to an article or other information to substantiate his insights on the issue. Besides being for your own information, you can also use this information to ‘educate’ your loved ones who may be on either side of the reaction spectrum. Are they freaking out (the world is going to end at any moment)?  Or do they say all is well, this event is no big deal (yet the reality is you SHOULD do something to protect yourself from possible hardship)?

You will have access to all current and previous alerts generated by Mr. Sawyer in the INSIDER ALERT archives, which is found on the website. They will be in chronological order with a time stamp for your convenience.