Blake’s Personal Insights of Costa Rica

12)  Speaking of which, for any expat that wants to live in a covenant community, or together with several family members, or a group of friends wanting to organize and purchase property together…Costa Rica is the place to do it. I have seen hundreds of properties that are ideal for this type of situation. The smart investor can purchase acreage and divide it into parcels of various sizes and sell ‘lots’ to whom he wants to, creating a community of like-minded individuals and making some money in the process. No other Top 7 Safe Haven has the opportunity that Costa Rica does in this regard (though it can be done in Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina). Nearly all the properties I have looked at had fantastic views, streams and jaw dropping waterfalls, springs (for a water source), and many were in the areas of Costa Rica that needed neither heat or air conditioning!

Think about it this:
A rain forest is teaming with life – flora and fauna. The most dense bio-diversity (most amount of species per square mile) is found in rain forest jungles, such as Costa Rica.
A desert is void of most life. The LEAST dense bio-diversity is found in deserts.
Species THRIVE in a rain forest jungle and are plentiful.
Species STRUGGLE to live in a desert and are scarce.
The opposite of thrive is diminish.
The opposite of living is dying.
The opposite of plentiful is scarcity.
The opposite of life is death.
That is my comment about Costa Rica!

In April of 2016 I published my Top 100 Reasons Why I Chose Costa Rica. Read it, reread it, and try not to drool too much! 

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