Blake’s Personal Insights of Costa Rica

There are many ‘little’ things about Costa Rica that I like.

1)  The non-violent society rocks my boat. In a world that has gone mad with violence, I want to live in peace and tranquility. Of all the countries in the world, Costa Rica is #1 in this attribute. No military, no wars, no violent crime (or very little), no hostilities with neighboring countries… Just peace, kindness, and happiness. That is the way to live now… and in the future.

NOTE: Keep in mind that as the world deteriorates into chaos and anarchy, wherever it is bad now will only get much worse. Places where people care for each other, are happy and content, and are super friendly – will be an oasis compared to the rest of the world.

2)  In researching the globalist’ agenda of world domination, I have discovered that they are going to use “the harming of mother earth” as one of the main excuses to reduce the population of the planet by 90%. They are also going to tax the world population based upon the person’s “carbon footprint”. Owning land in Costa Rica will most likely be the #1 best thing an individual can do to avoid this potentially life ending ‘problem’. Really! I have checked into this. Costa Rica will be the first country in the world that will be carbon neutral, within the next few years. Some countries population, such as the US, pollute the planet ‘big time’ per capita, making them an easy target for annihilation by the globalists.

3)  As far as ALL the Latin American countries are concerned, Costa Rica is the cleanest. (In fact, most worldwide lists of the Top 10 cleanest countries rank Costa Rica around 5th.) It has the least amount of graffiti, trash along the roads, crumbling buildings, eye-sore billboards, and is overall a very pleasant place when it comes to cleanliness. THINK: Architectural Digest home versus a HOARDERS home. (Clean and tidy versus cluttered and trashy.)

4)  Life. Living. Being Alive. Longevity. Costa Rica has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. That says a lot! They have one of the highest qualities of life in the world (few diseases, most people are middle income, low stress, contentment…) Which brings me to the point that year after year they are ranked as the number one “Happiest Country in the World’. Being around friendly happy people is infectious. That’s a country I can sink my roots into. Spending any amount of time in Costa Rica causes one to come away with this ONE prominent thought: Costa Rica is thriving with life – flowers, plants, ferns (taller than many buildings), birds, animals… the entire country is pulsating with life. And that also includes the populace. Smiling faces, friendly attitudes, people willing to help, laughter… all radiating from the fortunate people who get to live in Costa Rica. I love it!

5)  Costa Rican immigration is one of the easiest in the world, let alone for a Top 7 Safe Haven (where ‘everyone’ is rushing the ‘doors’ to get in, creating too much demand.) Purchase land, a home, or business that costs over $250,000US, and you have a quick ‘ticket’ for immigration and residency. $1,000 monthly “income” gets you in too. (PLEASE check out immigration information for DETAILS!)

6)  Costa Rica is one of the few Latin American countries that the United States has not ‘messed’ with big-time. Meaning, the US did not overthrow the democratically elected government and install a military dictatorship, or kill or assassinate the leader, or invade the country, or any of the typically big-bully tactics the US has used on most Latin American countries. This means that the locals do not hate, despise, or want to see revenge or harm come to Americans. This is a plus for US expats. You cannot say the same for most other Latin American countries.

7)  For my family and friends that do not speak Spanish, I find they have an easier time in Costa Rica communicating, than in any other Latin American country (except Belize.) English is spoken by many Ticos, making communication easier for the expat.

NOTE: I ALWAYS recommend learning the language of your host country.

8)  I would rank Costa Rica as the #1 Raw Food Country in the world. As someone who appreciates and loves organic raw food, and one who understands its vital role in optimum health, I can’t say enough about the ability to live a raw food lifestyle in Costa Rica. Your physical body will thank you in ways you not though possible if you eat a healthy, organic, mostly raw food diet.

9)  In 2012 the government passed (nearly unanimously) a very strict anti-smoking law. You rarely see anyone smoking. The amount of Ticos who smoke is significantly lower than any of the other Top 7 Safe Havens. It is under 20%. Many European countries have over 50% of their adult population as smokers.  Even in countries like the US or Argentina one third of adults are smokers. In Chile it is over 40%. As someone who enjoys outdoor cafes, strolls in parks, and other outdoor spaces, it is nice to not have to breathe cancer-causing second hand smoke.

10)  The business opportunities in Costa Rica are up to ten times greater than many other top safe havens. There are many reasons for this: the huge volume of tourists that spend lots of money; owning a vacation home and renting it out, knowing that it will be rented often and is very profitable; a government that welcomes foreign investment (some Top 7 Safe Havens HINDER foreign investment), the huge volume of expats that want familiarity (meaning American expats can import, create, or provide goods and services to fellow expats); franchises do very well in Costa Rica; and real estate investment is nearly always profitable.

11)  Nature. Costa Rica has the densest biodiversity of any nation on earth. It contains only 0.03% of the world’s land, yet 5% of the world’s species (over 500,000 species) are found in Costa Rica! In just the last two years scientists have discovered more than 5,000 new species in Costa Rica! Costa Rica has 10% of the world’s butterflies, 52 species of hummingbirds, (Costa Rica has more bird species than the United States and Canada COMBINED, even though together they are 400 TIMES larger than Costa Rica!), and too many amazing statistics to list here. And then there are the waterfalls…jaw dropping waterfalls everywhere (including on many properties for sale!) As I stated in Reason #4 above, Costa Rica is thriving with life everywhere you turn.