The Key for Christian Survival

You have found the most comprehensive website in the world on WHERE to survive the next 2 to 12 years.

There IS a PLACE in this world where you can SURVIVE The Collapse, the Great Tribulation, the Mark of the Beast, the end times, and the Antichrist system. In fact, right now (2016), there are 7 "safe havens" in the world.

We have researched this subject for more than 35 years, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in investigative research, and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe.

Jesus' words hold the key to finding the safest place to live during the tribulation period. Jesus gave us signs that we are to watch for that would precede His return to earth. Each of these signs has one thing in common.

When Jesus' disciples asked for the signs that would signal His return back to earth, Jesus didn't hesitate to give them very specific information. (Matthew 24:3). Jesus said that the signs preceding His return would be 1) famine/starvation, 2) war, 3) natural disasters, 4) pestilence/disease, (Matthew 24:7), 5) the rise of Antichrist (Matthew 24:15), 6) being "turned in" or betrayed by neighbors and relatives (Matthew 24:10), and 7) persecution (Matthew 24:9).

What do all these seven signs have in common?

All of these are "signs" of death:




Natural Disasters

Being turned in by relatives and friends and being put to death by an evil government

Jesus concluded by saying, "He who endures to the end will be saved". Also meaning, those who do not endure to the end will not be saved. (Matthew 24:13)

In fact Jesus said there would be so many people dying that unless He came back "no flesh would be left" on earth. (Matthew 24:22)

World experts are confirming what the Bible already has foretold: that 90% of the world's population will die within the next 2 to 12 years. The globalists, New World Order, Illuminati, and other nefarious groups have already implemented their plans to wipe out 80% to 90% of the world's population. (We heavily document this on our website.)

The FIVE main methods of death to eliminate 90% of the world's population are EXACTLY what the Bible, and Jesus predicted they would be. These are the signs that we are to "watch out for" that would signal His return in the end times: famine/starvation, natural disasters, disease/pandemics, wars, and ruthless world government (think Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.)

Now, imagine a few places on earth where all FIVE of those life-threatening conditions do not exist NOW nor (scarcely) will exist in the FUTURE!

Imagine that there are 7 places on earth that it can be said has most or all of these atrributes:

1) There is now, and will be in the future, virtually no starvation. Every kind of food is plentiful and available.

2) Nuclear war, WWIII, and Armageddon will not affect life in these very secure locations. Neither will the depleted uranium that has been released in the "wars" of Kosovo and Iraq in the amount equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs - currently circling the globe.

3) Natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, effects of global climate change, deadly heat, blizzards, avalanches, coastal flooding, deadly extreme cold, hail storms, tsunamis, as well as nearly every other "natural disaster" are virtually non-existent.

4) Disease epidemics are unheard of. Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, tuberculosis (including XDR tuberculosis), Schistosomiasis, the Plague, River Blindness, Cholera, amebiasis, etc. which kill millions and affect tens of millions annually, are virtually non-existent. Most of these safe havens are NOT 3rd World, where most infectious diseases exist. Most are NOT in the tropics (where vectors such as mosquitoes thrive and the only place where tropical diseases exist). They also have adequate hygiene, running water, and sewer/waste water systems. They have highly educated people. And they have some of the healthiest populations in the world.

5) The Antichrist system, with its life-changing "Mark of the Beast" monetary/employment/tracking network will be very difficult to implement in most of these places. Whereas in the United States, Europe, and most of the rest of the civilized world, the system is already being incrementally put into practice.

6) Many of the "locals" are considered the most libertarian in the world. Meaning, no matter whom you are or what you believe (left or right, black or white, rich or poor, Christian or non-christian, conservative or liberal, Catholic or Protestant ...) - you will not be discriminated against, ratted out, turned in, persecuted, or isolated. The philosophy of "You do your thing and I will do mine" or "I won't mess with you and you don't mess with me" is the exact opposite of the "turn in your neighbor" for any infraction or "violation" mindset that currently plagues the United States and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

7) These areas are beautiful. Some more than others. Each: Has plenty of food, water, and resources. They are "cheap" compared to the United States (but that is about to change real soon with the collapse of the US dollar). They have ideal climate (some more than others). Are very civilized, not backward. Have more religious freedom than most places on earth.

Whereas the United States will see the death of up to 99% of its population WITHIN the next 2 to 12 years, these very few special areas (countries) in the world will only lose between 4% and 15% of their population to these causes of death!

Now, please read the following, as it is VERY important.

Jesus told us that when you see these signs to "flee". (Matthew 24:15-20).

Fleeing from what to where, many may ask?

Many Biblical authorities say that the Great Whore of Revelation 17 and 18 is the United States of America (represented by New York City, where world commerce is based). No other nation on earth can adequately fulfill the dozens of identifying descriptions that the Bible uses to describe this world power in the latter days. Many "merchants of the earth" became rich because of her (Revelation 18:3, 9, 15). She lived luxuriously. She glorified herself. (Revelation 18:7).