Why Chile? The Pros and Cons


  • Business climate ***
  • Ranked #2  Safe Haven in the World
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • Safe from world war
  • Fairly large expat community


  • Chileans – not as friendly as other 6 top safe havens
  • Earthquakes, volcanoes, natural disasters
  • Small ideal area
  • Mostly Mestizo – very few white
  • Few speak English
  • Distance from the US
  • 1st Class airfare from the US - $3,000 - $5,000
  • Flight time from the US – 10-15 hours
  • Lifestyle is not as healthy as other safe havens

*** Means this country is the best in this category of the Top 7 Safe Havens
*     Means this country is worth noting in this category, a big plus

Some people just LOVE Chile, while others either say it is “ok”, or “there is something I cannot describe in words, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right.”

Chile is similar to Uruguay, in that it rates fairly high in most categories (the one exception is natural disasters, it rates the lowest), but it does not rank best in any one category. That is why it is the #2 Safe Haven.

Here is why you would absolutely NOT choose Chile:

  • You are scared to death of earthquakes, volcanoes, and/or tsunamis.
  • You want to live in a super- FRIENDLY safe haven. Chileans are not overly friendly. (Choose Argentina or Costa Rica instead.)
  • You need to be relatively close to the United States (Choose Costa Rica instead, or maybe Ecuador.)
  • You want to fit in, not stand out. You are lily white and 5’11” feet tall (choose New Zealand, Argentina, or Costa Rica instead.)

Here is why you absolutely WOULD choose Chile:

  • World war is your biggest concern, and you want to be as far as you can get from the Northern Hemisphere (Argentina and Uruguay rate the same.)
  • You personally went there, compared it to at least two other Top 7 Safe Havens, and liked it best for various personal reasons.
  • You love the Patagonia region (Colorado-esque), the cool temperatures, the four seasons, the opportunities for skiing (until you are forced to hunker down), the lakes, the forests…