Why Chile? The Pros and Cons

Pros Business climate *** Ranked #2  Safe Haven in the World Southern Hemisphere Safe from world war Fairly large expat community Cons Chileans – not as friendly as other 6 top safe havens Earthquakes, volcanoes, natural disasters Small ideal area Mostly Mestizo – very few white Few speak English Distance from the US 1st Class […]

Blake's Personal Insights of Chile

There are three main caveats to Chile in my opinion. The government, the natural disasters, and the people. The Chilean government has pros and cons, like all governments. But its dispute with Bolivia over fishing rights, and with Peru over their common border has me concerned about their “peacefulness”. The current president is a billionaire […]

Best Places to Live in Chile

Best Places to Live In Chile  NOTE: It would be remiss of me to exclude a comment or two about Chile in comparison to its eastern neighbor, Argentina. Though Chile IS the #2 Safe Haven in the WORLD, there is little to compare between 1st World Argentina and 2nd World Chile. Whereas Argentina is the […]