Why Brazil? The Pros and Cons


  • Ranked #7 Safe Haven in the World
  • 2nd World – NOT 3rd World – could be worse.
  • Beautiful area (our recommended expat location)
  • Safe from war (our recommended expat location)


  • VERY expensive  (our recommended expat location)
  • Speaks Portuguese
  • Population density
  • 2nd World, NOT 1st World  (see pros)
  • Few expats
  • Distance from the US
  • 1st Class airfare from the US - $3,000 - $5,000
  • Flight time from the US – 12-16 hours

Here is why you would absolutely NOT choose Brazil:

  • The expense is too great. Lovely areas, but way too expensive.
  • The Brazilian culture is too immoral, they do not place a high value on life, and not survival oriented enough.
  • You need a support group of expats. Or you do not feel comfortable moving to an area where you are the only “American”.

Here is why you absolutely WOULD choose Brazil:

  • You personally went there, compared it to at least two other Top 7 Safe Havens (such as Argentina, Ecuador, or Uruguay), and liked it best for various personal reasons.
  • You love the Portuguese language, and can speak it.
  • You love Latin culture.