Blake’s Personal Insights of Brazil

I really like the northeast part of the Rio Grande do Sul province, as stated on this website (Brazil: Best Place to Live webpage):

“In the northeast part of Rio Grande do Sul is the area of the state that we favor above any place else in the country. There are immense canyons, spectacular terraced vineyards, incredible araucaria pine forests, jaw-dropping waterfalls, lush “mountains” and charming country hotels, wineries, and resorts.”

Just because it is beautiful does not necessarily mean it is safe, but in this case it has both security and beauty.

The problem lies in the fact that it has become very expensive to live in this area. There are other places with a similar environment, weather, and ambiance that are much cheaper. Also, the number of American expats in the region is very limited. The time, money, and distance to get to the Rio Grande do Sul is also in the upper scale.

Portuguese is similar to Spanish, but for those that know at least a little bit of Spanish, our other Latin American countries will be easier to communicate in.