Why Brazil? The Pros and Cons

Pros Ranked #7 Safe Haven in the World 2nd World – NOT 3rd World – could be worse. Beautiful area (our recommended expat location) Safe from war (our recommended expat location) Cons VERY expensive  (our recommended expat location) Speaks Portuguese Population density 2nd World, NOT 1st World  (see pros) Few expats Distance from the US […]

Blake's Personal Insights of Brazil

I really like the northeast part of the Rio Grande do Sul province, as stated on this website (Brazil: Best Place to Live webpage): “In the northeast part of Rio Grande do Sul is the area of the state that we favor above any place else in the country. There are immense canyons, spectacular terraced […]

Best Places to Live in Brazil

Best Places to live in Brazil  Brazil is 6th place on the safe haven list.  If you like lush mountain settings, a Bavarian feel to your community, and are willing to learn Portuguese, then continue reading – because you may just have found your safe have paradise!  Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul states […]