Blake’s Personal Insights of Argentina

Argentina was the number one safe haven for decades. Sadly, over the past few years it has been on a slippery slope downward. Crime is up (way up, though still slightly less than the US.) Inflation is making it more expensive. Government policies on imports has caused shortages in vital goods (as I write this in January 2015, there is a tampon shortage – SERIOUS tampon shortage.) The federal government is socialistic. They do stupid things all the time (they just gave an orangutan legal “rights” – requiring the zoo to set it free.) And on and on.

I lived in Argentina for 18 years, so I know a lot about Argentina. I started a like-minded community in the town where I purchased my estate. Honestly, everyone who moved there LOVES it. In fact just today I received an email from one of the families who told me nearly every one of their adult children (5 or 6) have moved to this beautiful safe paradise. They are thrilled.

I guess that brings up the point that if you move to a location, and it is ideal, other loved ones will eventually join you and they will tell more and more people how wonderful it is, and so on. Choosing your safe haven wisely opens those doors that otherwise would be closed.

The positives of Argentina are listed above. I am convinced that it will come out unscathed from world war three. It has the highest food production per capita of ANY country in the world. And it produces a wider VARIETY of food than ANY other country in the world. So few will die or suffer from starvation.

A huge advantage it has over other countries (except New Zealand) is it is nearly an all white country (much whiter than the United States). Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a racist and should never have to defend myself of such. But racial tensions are real. Just because you are not a racist doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. And “fitting in” is a big plus for survivability during The Collapse. Argentina is a country of white Europeans and most Americans would not stand out or stick out (unless they were obese, unsophisticated, or obnoxious.)

My hope is that the worst of the slide is over, and a new government in a year or so will turn things around, and all the potential that Argentina has had, will come back, at least slowly but surely.