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The 14 ‘articles’ can be read like 14 chapters in a book. Starting with the first ‘chapter’, which establishes the fact that the USA is an extremely dangerous place in which to live, all the way through the remaining ‘chapters’ that have a plethora of life-giving information and insights that you will not have thought about or read anywhere else.

These are the 14 articles and a brief description of what they entail:

Crime, Tyranny, Insanity Versus Freedom

This article goes through a series of statistics and information on why the United States has become a dangerous place in which to live when comparing it to one of our Top Survival countries. Some consider this “the wake–up call.”

The Five Big Killers

A projected 75% to 90% of the world’s population will die within the next 2 to 12 years. These are the five major causes of death.  War, Disease, Famine, Natural Disasters, and Ruthless Governments.

The 100 Categories of Where to Survive

This article compares the United States to one of the top rated survival countries in each of the thoughtful, important, and crucial 100 survival categories. VERY insightful. Clearly shows how all the top safe havens are dramatically better places to live than the USA.

Things To Think About Before You Expatriate

Expatriating out of the United States to a foreign country can cause a wide variety of emotions. Some people are just giddy with the thought of leaving the US. The adventure! The excitement! Leaving problems behind. Starting anew! Being able to survive the coming collapse. Moving to a more ideal climate. The scenery.

For other people, the thought of expatriating can create deep feelings too, but on the opposite side of the emotional scale. Fear! The Unknown! Change. It’ll be so hard. Leaving my family behind. A different language. Yikes! Will I regret it later? It’s such a big deal!

This article is meant to give you balance and a realistic look into this thing called expatriating.

The Ideal Place to Survive – The Ten Critical Survival Categories

Without a doubt, this is our MOST IMPORTANT REPORT/ARTICLE. It thoroughly goes over THE 10 critical survival categories that most people simply are not aware of. This report alone is priceless. Without it, you will make the vital mistakes that many people leaving the US have already made, and regret. These easily avoidable mistakes, if not heeded, will place you and your loved ones at a greater risk of NOT surviving the next several years on planet earth. Super detailed with grafts, maps, charts, and life–saving insightful information. Also, this information will help explain to your loved ones WHY you have chosen a particular country or area to expatriate to. EXTREMELY persuasive. Read it and then read it again.

Where Can You Survive The Next 2-12 Years?

One of our most important and MAIN articles of information. This extremely in–depth article takes you on a world tour of every region and many countries in a search for places that are, and will be in the future, safe and secure from every form of premature death.

The list of the 200 Countries in the World for Survivability

This is THE list for every country in the world based upon our 100 Survival Categories. The numbers in parenthesis are the points the country received in our 100 survival categories. We only include the detailed survival numbers of our top 20 Survival Countries.

We include comments with some of the lower rated countries to clarify why they did not do better in the rankings. We also include some comments about ‘popular’ expat countries. These countries are receiving a flood of American expats, but those people are moving for different reasons than survival – usually it is retirees that are looking for a ‘tropical paradise’.

As thoroughly explained in our most important article titled “The IDEAL Place to Survive – The TEN Critical Survival Categories”, MANY countries that are popular with American expats are nothing more than death traps due to a plethora of reasons.

The Best of Series

We take our top 25 survival countries and place them against each other in various categories that might be very important to you. These categories include: Cheapest countries to live in, those with the least natural disasters, the most survivable, the most sophisticated and 1st world, the healthiest, the countries with the least amount of regulations and restrictions in every area of life, the countries with the least crime, as well as other categories. This gives YOU the CHOICE to determine which top safe haven is best for YOU.


The Worst of Series

Again, we take our top 25 survival countries and place them against each other in various categories that might be very important to you. These categories include: The countries with the most life–threatening natural disasters, the most expensive (where you literally would have to be a multi–millionaire in order to survive), the most crime ridden countries, the most diseased infected and those with dangerous health problems, as well as other categories. Again, this helps you CHOOSE which safe haven is best for YOU.

The Bottom line on Where to Survive – Our Opinion

These are our personal thoughts on where to survive. We actually re–arrange (slightly) the order in which some of our top 10 survival countries appear in our 100 category rating system and add our personal insights to make a few changes. There is an abundant of very important information in this article, including the projected death toll percentage of each country in our top 10 as well as every region of the world.

Articles Written From the Perspective of Why People Are leaving the USA

These articles give some keen insights to the various reasons why people are leaving the US. Even though we admit that our web site is information on WHERE to survive the next 2 to 12 years of life on planet earth, we have chosen to add some articles that give the reason behind the mass exodus out of the United States.

Hundreds of Blogs, Websites, Books, and Forums on Our Top Survival Countries

We weed through the hundreds and thousands of blogs, websites, books, and forums to toss out the non–beneficial fluff or agenda–oriented sites and include the pertinent sites that will help you get a clearer picture of all the angles about expatriation.

Immigration Information

For the person that is seriously considering expatriating out of the US, you need immigration information. Every country is different in their approach to allowing foreigners into their country. There are no “easy” countries to expatriate to. Some are almost impossible. Many are beginning to shut the doors to foreigners as their countries are being overwhelmed by a flood of expats. For some, it is a matter of doing everything right, or you might lose your chance at expatriating to that country.

Where Are the Best Survival Places Inside Each of Our Top Survival Countries?

We provide our personal insights to the best places to look at moving to inside each of the top survival countries. Each country has some spectacular and "better–than–other" areas to live in for expats. This gives you a head start on where to move to once you have chosen the country you want to expatriate to.

THE BLOG (Trumpeting Hope in Expatriating – Better Living is Our Goal) was written by the author from September 2009 through September of 2014. There are several hundred blogs with thousands of articles, documents, statistics, and information that chronicles and documents:

The global agenda

The Luciferian Plan to reduce the world by 90%, with scores of quotes

The globalists take over the USA to first use it to destroy the world economy, secondly to start World War III, then completely destroy it

The rapid deterioration of the USA’s social, moral, and financial system

The use of mind control on the vast majority of the American population

The apostasy of the American church into a pharisaical system

The facts, stats, and truth why safe havens are dramatically better places to live now, and unarguably the ONLY places to live in the future