In the early 70’s a gifted young man named JBS*, had an epiphany about the way the world “worked”. His intellectual mind led him to investigate why things happened the way they did as well as who was behind the scenes “pulling the strings”. A genius level IQ, a voracious reader, an analytical mind, and a deep desire to know the truth led him to the discoveries that make up the information found on this website.

For the past 30+ years JBS passionately researched nearly every angle of the social, economic, spiritual, and political worlds.

This led JBS into a whole new aspect to understanding world events: predicting the future. This was not “prophetic” predictions coming from some guru or prophet, but simply an understanding of the future purely from current data, information, statistics, and facts.

The way JBS describes it: is similar to how a weatherman can “predict” an outbreak of thunderstorms days in advance by imputing weather data and analyzing the information. (There might not be a cloud in the sky now, but in a couple days it could be pouring down rain. Only a few people on the planet, with the correct “instruments”, years of experience, and proper education can predict such a thing. We call them weathermen.) NOTE: JBS’s associates point out the fact that having good instincts and intuition also helps.

Decades of research as well as learning to discern the difference between those who had an agenda, gatekeepers, those putting out disinformation, as well as those who were willing to tell the truth, became one of his many attributes. JBS began sharing this info with his closest friends. The accuracy of his predictions produced a rather large following to his writings.

The ultimate discovery was, in fact, learning that the people who run the planet have an agenda to eliminate 90% of the world’s population. Sadly, they plan on doing this in a very short period of time, using various methods to cull the world population down to a “manageable” 500 - 800 million people. This forced JBS to look at finding THE solutions to this horror story that has already begun to unfold before our very eyes.

Finding solutions became his passion.

FYI: Anyone who personally knows JBS can tell you that helping others is something he has been doing his entire adult life, which has spanned for more than 40 years. This has included: working with an orphanage in South America for 19 years; developing a protocol that heals people of nearly any ailment; helping the destitute, the poor, the needy; telling people the truth about nearly any subject as well as “being there” for his friends when they needed him.

For decades, JBS has provided his closest friends with the information he has amassed. JBS’s friends were sending more and more of their relatives, friends, and acquaintances to him looking for help to know where and how to expatriate out of the United States, Canada, or Europe to one of the few truly safe havens.

During 2008 the volume of people asking for help in expatriating turned into a flood requests.

The amount of time spent gathering and disseminating current information alone took away time from his health practitioner business as well as his family. The decision was made to place his writings about the USA, the Luciferian globalist agenda to reduce the world population by 90%, the truth about safe havens, and how to expatriate to a safe haven; on the Internet (which became this website).

Even though he still has his health related business, JBS devotes several hours per day into research to keep his readership and listenership (on his radios shows, podcasts, and private members of his ESCAPE INSIDER club) informed, as well as helping others know how they could survive what he and many others call TEOTWAWKI

(The End Of The World As We Know It) or simply — The Collapse. JBS’s goal of positively affecting the lives of more and more people has been greatly fulfilled through this website. This life–and–death information is now available to all who want it in order to make an intelligent decision on where to survive TEOTWAWKI.

We are truly excited that you have found what many people tell us is “an answer to our prayers for help in knowing where to go to survive The Collapse, The Tribulation, The Cleansing.”